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Furnace Tune up



We at Welker Heating and Cooling are expert at repairing existing problems and helping our customers stay within their budgets. 

We begin by helping our customers with their immediate problems in order to get the most out of the systems they have and then help them to save on their future energy needs.

Furnace Tune ups

Stay comfy and cozy this winter with our 20 point furnace inspection.   Call us today to schedule your  furnace tune up at 913-669-7555 or email us at 

Inspection will feature the following:

•Check operation of safety limit controls

•Clean and inspect blower assembly
•Lubricate blower motor and bearings as required
•Check blower speed and operation
•Check pressure switches and vent blower
•Inspect and clean burners
•Examine vent connector and inspect venting system
•Check and adjust pilot light
•Check and clean flame sensor
•Check fan belts
•Check gas piping to the furnace
•Check air filter(s)
•Clean equipment interior
•Clean out drain lines
•Check and adjust manifold gas pressure
•Ensure combustion and ventilation adequacy
•Inspect heat exchanger for any cracks
•Check carbon monoxide levels
•Check all wiring and electrical connections
•Clean equipment exterior
•Check thermostat and calibrate if necessary

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Make sure you're ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us this winter by ensuring

your furnace will perform at its best.

We know how important it is to make sure your home stays warm , cozy and inviting this winter.  You can count on us to take care of all your heating needs.

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